Remove makeup with just water?

I’m all for an easy life. I’m also for saving the planet, so I’ve been trying my hardest to stop using makeup wipes and cotton pads to remove my makeup.  I actually haven’t bought any more wipes or cotton pads in the last 4 months or so and was just working through the ones that I already had – and it turns out I apparently compulsively buy different wipes to try when I’m buying other toiletries without giving any thought to what I already have at home… tell me I’m not the only one?

My first option for removing my makeup with no throwaway products was using Micellar water with a muslin cloth.  Which was working well for the first few weeks but eventually I felt like I was washing the muslin cloth that often that whatever planet saving that I was doing by not buying one-use wipes was being cancelled out with the amount of electricity I was using washing the muslin clothes not to mention the extra washing powder and they never actually ended up that clean anyway.

I had seen microfibre makeup removal pads around the internet, especially on YouTube, but I really wasn’t into spending £20 plus postage and customs charges for 3 pads.  Hey, I’m a cheapskate ok? So when I noticed the Derma V10 Make Off Mitt when I was out shopping for just 99p, I figured it was worth a punt to try it out.

I’m glad that I picked this microfibre cloth up.  It works really well at removing all my makeup – including my mascara – using just water.   My routine for removing my makeup now involves holding the mitt under the tap for a few seconds to get it damp and turn off the tap (I’m trying to save the planet, remember?  Get that tap turned off when you’re not using it) and start gently with a little pressure, moving my hand in a circular motion to remove foundation and concealer from my cheeks and forehead first.  Then I wash the mitt to get the liquid products washed out as best I can before moving onto the tougher eyeliner and mascara removal.   This takes a little more effort, but it’s not horrendous nor does it take forever to remove.  I’ve not tried this with waterproof mascara because I generally don’t wear it, but I can confirm that it does remove my mascara without leaving my eyes looking red or like I’ve been rubbing them for 5 minutes (disclaimer: I don’t have sensitive skin, so I’m unsure if you do have sensitive skin if this would leave redness behind from the gentle scrubbing).

Again, I was out the remaining makeup from the mitt before popping it on the towel hanger in my bathroom to dry naturally overnight.  There is a little staining from mascara but it’s so much better than the muslin cloth that seemed to just let all the makeup cling to it no matter how much I rinsed it out.

The great thing about the Make Off Mitt is that you don’t need to use any additional products, so you’re not changing the PH of your skin – or spending money on remover or micellar water.  Which suits my bargain-loving self.



Ciate x Courtney Act Stamp & Drag Liner :: Review

When I first saw that my favourite human on the planet was teaming up with Ciate London to bring out a collaboration, I wasn’t imaging an eyeliner pen. But the name is perfect – Courtney Act Stamp & Drag?  Drag?? Get it?!  Courtney Act is by far the best thing ever to come out of Ru Paul’s Drag Race (lovers of other queens, feel free to try to correct me in the comments) but to me she’s not just a drag queen.  She is THE QUEEN.

Ciate x Courtney Act Stamp & Drag Liner

Enough of my obsessive fangirl-ing though.  The Ciate x Coutney Act Stamp & Drag liner is currently £15.00 on the Ciate London website, making it the same price as their other liquid eyeliners (I really appreciate brands not charging extra for collaboration products just because they know the fans will pay extra because of the name that’s on it).   Of course I ordered it on pre-sale, because I’m that fan.

I must admit, I’ve never tried any Ciate London makeup before, just nail varnishes which I have always found to be great quality for the price so I was expecting good things from the makeup that I ordered. Uhm, yeah there might also have been a few bits and bobs that jumped into my basket when I was checking out.. sorry overdraft.  And I’m glad to say that I wasn’t disappointed. 

So what is a stamp eyeliner?

If you haven’t seen the miracle eyeliner products that include a stamp for the perfect wing every time (I think The Vamp Stamp started this, quickly followed by the likes of Rimmel, Lottie London and Milk Makeup), let me tell you they do exactly what they say on the tin.   One end of the pen is a stamp in the shape of a wing that you stamp (how many time have I said stamp in this post?) on the corner of your eye wherever you see fit and then use the traditional pen side & draw along your lash line to connect to the stamped wing. It makes having a winged cat eye a lot easier but you still need to make sure that you have the wing equal on both sides… I don’t think there ever will be an invention to make that happen.

Because I have hooded eyes, I do find it really quite difficult to do winged eyeliner myself.  I’m good at along the lash line (top and bottom, thanks to my teenage self loving a lot of khol liner, even if it was the only makeup I was wearing) but I am incredibly bad at creating a wing.  The Drag & Stamp liner has made my struggles easier, though! 

The pen is a really nice weight, and it feels natural when drawing on eyeliner. It’s a nice, dark black that doesn’t smudge easily and I found it lasts throughout the day too.  The nib is just the right size to connect up to the stamped bit in one sweep too, so there’s less chance of screwing up by overlining. 

Can we just talk about this packaging though?

Ciate x Courtney Act Stamp & Drag liner pen & angel wing packaging.

It might not be immediately obvious why the angel wings on the internal part of the box is so amazing, but let me just direct you to one of the most iconic runway looks ever seen on Ru Paul’s Drag Race.  Nice touch, Courtney.

Courtney Act with Angel Wings, Ru Paul's Drag Race.

Ciate x Courtney Act Drag & Stamp Liner: (4 / 5)

Rimmel Wonder'Fully Real Mascara in Black

Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real Mascara :: Review

I’m a sucker for new mascaras, I just can’t help buying them in the hope that I’m going to end up with eyelashes that make me look like a drag queen in one swift swipe of product.  The brand new Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real mascara definitely got me excited about the prospects of mirroring Alaska 5000 on a daily basis, even if the name is absolutely horrendous. Turns out, so is the mascara.

Let’s start with the basics.  Wonder’Fully Real (it’s killing me typing that apostrophe every time – I’m tempted to allow autocorrect to fix it every time) is available in two colours – black and extreme black.  I went for good old black because the tube is my favourite shade of hot pink.  The mascara is currently on sale as part of a 3 for 2 at both Superdrug (£7.99) and Boots (£6.99) or in Savers Health & Beauty at £4.98, the price is the usual that I would normally expect from Rimmel for one of their mascaras.

Within the shocking pink (or black if you opt for Extreme Black) tube you’ll find a plastic-y spiky wand that promises to be easy to control and will extend each and every lash.  It’s tapered with the thickest part of the brush at the handle, allowing you to get more finesse while applying the mascara. Or if you’re me, more chance of getting mascara on the inside of my nose when doing my left eye…  I don’t have any problems with the brush, I generally find the plastic wands allow me to separate my lashes a bit better than the bristle type as the combs aren’t as tightly close together.  So it must be the formula that caused my lashes to clump together.

The formula is a thick, seemingly clumpy liquid (Rimmel calls it creamy) which is loaded with 4mm nylon fibres which is the key to it building thickness and length on your lashes.  It promises to be smudge free (it’s not), easy to remove (it’s not) and flake proof and will give you beautifully thick, long lashes all day.  Granted it gave me thick lashes all day.  And the next day too even though I thought I had removed it using both micellar water and makeup removal wipes.  Even on the second day I got the free gift of lower lash line eyeliner because this mascara just kept smudging under my eyes – yes, even a day later when I thought I had completely removed it.  In fact, FOUR days later after wearing absolutely no eye makeup at all I was still waking up with black smudges under my eyes that my teenage goth self would have spent hours trying to achieve with kohl warmed up with a lighter before I applied it.

In all honesty, Rimmel have loads of better mascaras that do a better job of giving you both length and thickness for your lashes that come in at the same price or lower.  I’d stick to either the Supercurler range or ScandalEyes if you’re looking for extreme lashes and give the Wonder’Fully Real a miss.  I’m not the only one who’s found it to be flakey ( it promises not to be), hard to remove (again, the complete opposite of what it’s supposed to do) or clumpy (yeah…).  One girl in my work has had the same experience as me and some of the reviews online already for this mascara weirdly give it 4 stars but then the actual review states that it transfers, takes ages to dry or clumps up.

Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real Mascara: (2 / 5)

I bought the Rimmel Wonder’Fully Real Mascara with my own money and all views in this blog post are entirely my own.  Rimmel don’t know who I am, nor do they care what my opinion is of their products so they’re not asking me for it!