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It’s about time Doctor Who makeup was a thing.

I’m a massive fan of Doctor Who – I never miss it (I once used all my data at a music festival watching it on iPlayer because it was a better option than any of the bands on stage) and I am pretty sure that I did a massive dance for joy when Jodie Whittaker was announced as the 13th Doctor last year. And then I expected the Doctor Who makeup palettes to start appearing all over the internet, because why not.

Alas, we’re two episodes into the new season of Doctor Who and I’ve yet to come across any official or unofficial makeup that’s aimed at fellow Whovians, so I’ve curated my own list of TARDIS blue hues and galaxy inspired eyeshadow palettes.

Ready?   Allons-y!

Doctor Who Makeup – Basically lots of TARDIS blue.

Doctor Who Makeup : Jeffree Star Cosmetics Abused Liquid Lip

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lip – Abused

The great thing about the JSC liquid lips is that they can multitask as lipstick, eyeliner and eyeshadow as they’re completely eye safe. Think of them as the sonic screwdriver of your collection, able to safe the day in a multitude of ways.   

$18 on Jeffree Star Cosmetics

Doctor Who Makeup : I Heart Revolution Unicorn Highligher

I Heart Revolution Unicorns Heart Highlighter

A quick nod to the rainbow / light spectrum on Jodie’s blue tshirt, this highlighter is as shiny as the stars in the night sky.  And if you’re really careful, with a small enough brush, you can pick up just one colour or mix them together for ultimate highlighting.

£5.00 at RevolutionBeauty

Doctor Who Makeup : Shiro Cosmetics

Shiro Cosmetics – Loose Eyeshadow

I should have known that the indie makeup brands where the place to go for my Doctor Who themed makeup. Although there’s no unofficial palettes kicking about anyhere, it’d be super easy to put together your own.  

This is what I’ve come up with on Shiro Cosmetics.  Colours Left to Right, Top to bottom as follows:

I Never Joke Orchid ★ Tiers Of Joy


A Fell Voice On The Air ★ Bluebirds Are Good Luck

Pork Cutlet Bowl Fatale ★ If You Bough Out Now, I’ll Never Fir-give You

Slam-Bam In A Can ★ Attercop-Attercop

$1 – $8 on ShiroCosmetics

Doctor Who Makeup : Barry M Dazzle Dust

Barry M Dazzle Dust 

The shade Electric Blue is absolutely stunning in real life, and because these are loose pigments, they really sparkle in the sun.  It’s like looking into the time vortex it’s self.

£4.59 at

Doctor Who Makeup - Collection Glitter Eyeliner

Collection Glam Crystals Gel Glitter Liner

This is my perfect glitter eyeliner – I personally find it better than the Stila Magnificent Metals Eyeliner and it will see you through all of time and space without budging! Can also be used as an allover eyeshadow if you use a glitter primer to stop creasing. 

£2.99 at Superdrug

Doctor Who Makeup : Barry M Kohl Eyeliner in Blue

Barry M No6 Kohl Pencil in Blue

Barry M coloured Kohl pencils are some of the best that I’ve tried that last all day and give a great colour payoff.  And they’re a bargain at under £3, too!

£2.99 at BlueBanana

Doctor Who Makeup :

Sugarpill Lipstick in Shiver 

This is basically the TARDIS in lipstick form.  Perfect dark cobalt blue with added shimmer. Fantastic.

£6.84 on

Custom Doctor Who MAC Palette

Just for fun, I also made up my own ideal Doctor Who palette on but alas I don’t have a spare £162 kicking about for this one so I shall have to keep dreaming for this one!

Don’t Blink

We’re all stories, in the end

The Impossible Girl

Star Violet

Satin Taupe

Knight Divine

Electric Eel
Madman With A Box

Just A Traveller

Pink Venus

Shadowy Lady

Face The Raven

Atlanic Blue
Hello! I’m Sexy.


Stars ‘n’ Rockets

The Pandorica

Doctor Who Makeup : Ideal MAC Palette idea!

Doctor Who Makeup - why isn't this a thing?  TARDIS blue forever.