It’s no secret that I (and just about every other blogger, vlogger and social media user) uses affiliate links when linking to products on their platform.

What this means is that where links on RedStarBeauty look like this, then it’s an affiliate link. This doesn’t cost you any money if you decide to buy the product or service that I have been writing about, but does mean that I get a little cash paid to me from the company for promoting and linking to their product. And I mean a little.

The money that I earn through affiliate links (and sponsored blog or Instagram posts) goes towards the upkeep of my blog and any extra gets put into purchasing products to try and keep the content that I’m posting fresh and exciting.

Affiliate link income is never going to buy me a house or pay for my driving lessons – it’s simply there as a bit of passive income to help keep my hobby going. If you don’t want to use the affiliate link, that’s fine too! You can buy directly from the product’s website without clicking through my website first.

The Full Story

Red Star Beauty is a hobby of mine. It’s something that I do because I love makeup and beauty products, I love blogging and I love sharing these things with my audience, but I also need to pay for the platform that I share on! From time to time, a brand or company will provide me with the opportunity to share an item that has been sponsored and paid for, either by keeping the product and/or with a cash payment. This will not sway my opinion of the product and all my views are my personal, honest ones. If I don’t want to post about a product that I don’t like that I’ve been approached to talk about, I simply wont do so.