Red Star Beauty is my place to write about the products that I use in my day to day life – reviews, first impressions and everything else.  I’ll be writing about the products that work, the holy grail can’t live without items and the things that I think were utter rubbish.   It’s entirely up to you to listen to my opinions – after all, every product will work differently with different skin types for example.

About The Author

About Melissa - author of Red Star Beauty blog.
About Melissa

I suppose you’d like to know a bit about me too? My name is Mel and I’ve been blogging in some sense of the word since around 2001. That’s a bit scary, actually. I have team members that I manage at work that were born after that.

You’ll find me living in Lanarkshire in Scotland, which is where I’ve lived all my life although I have moved about different towns as I’ve grown up.  I currently live in a typical house, in a typical neighborhood, with a typical life.  Nothing special about me folks, I just like beauty and makeup products and I like blogging.  And cake, I really like cake.

I have a love/hate relationship with makeup.  I love buying it, I love learning about it, I love wearing it. I HATE taking it off and spending forever getting ready in the morning.   At the moment I probably have more makeup-free days than days where I do wear makeup, but I’m completely fine with that.

Skin Type 

I have oily skin. Really oily skin. But also dry skin at the same time.  That makes finding a good moisturiser fun.  It also means I’m prone to spots and breakouts, especially around my jawline (yay, hormones!) and behind my ears – which is probably from the legs of my glasses?  Because of a life long bad habit of popping, picking and squeezing my skin I also have quite a lot of scarring and indents on my skin which drives me absolutely up the wall. I’m trying my hardest not to let it bother me anymore.

And because I’m in my 30s, I have wrinkles.  A few fine lines around my eyes and larger lines on my forehead and between my eyes. Hey, I’m expressive! These don’t bother me nearly as much as I expected that they would as I grew up, they’re just me. 

Hair Type

At the moment (although this is subject to change at any moment, I can’t help myself), I have long dark brown hair which is dyed and damaged pretty badly. 

I’m in the process of growing it out so that I can get it cut short and start over to be perfectly honest, years of bleaching and dying every colour of the rainbow has completely frazzled my hair beyond any hope. 

My hair’s not quite poker straight, but it’s not wavey either. It just sort of limps through life somewhere in the middle of the two.  It’s pretty thick, too and prone to split ends (because I don’t get it cut nearly enough)

As well as oily skin, I have a horrendously oily scalp which means my hair can look greasy, even on the same day that I’ve washed it.  As I’ve gotten older though, it’s gotten better.

Disclaimer Bit

Just a heads up – I work in the beauty industry.  That makes my job sound a lot more important and glamorous than it is – I basically just sell beauty products in a retail store but that has no bias on my thoughts.  If something works and I love it, it works. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t! Simples.

If, for whatever reason, a product that I mention is through sponsorship or as an affiliate code link I will let you know that.  I’m not in this for the money (of which I have made £0! It’s not all glam trips to the Caribbean and hordes of makeup delivered to your front door every day,  that’s just what YouTube wants you to think), I just really like writing about things that that make me happy.